Got summer plans? Let your kids cook you out of a job

Summer vacation strikes fear in the heart of so many parents. How many camps can I send them to? How many times will I have to hear, “I’m bored!”? How much food am I going to have to feed them? Well, I can’t tell you how many camps are appropriate. I also can’t entirely dispel […]

12 Clutter Busting Habits

When my husband and I sold our average home in suburbia, we had plans to move to property we had purchased in the country. But we weren’t ready to make the entire move at once. We didn’t know what our home would look like or how the future would all play out. All we knew […]

Announcement of Coming Attractions

I’ve been quiet again, but that rarely means I’m idle. In fact, it usually means I’m up to my eyeballs in something, often more than one or two something’s. This time is no different. As I’ve passed the halfway point of the 12 Steps to a Healthier You, I began to think of how to […]

Step 7: Map Your Way Around Roadblocks

Healthy alternatives to treat chronic problems

We’re half-way through our 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey. The first few steps may have seemed less than impressive, bordering on unnecessary. But the basic habits of choosing water over sugary and caffeinated drinks and improving flexibility through daily stretching, as well as improving posture, are critical to improving your health. If you were […]

Twelve Practical Hacks For An Active Life

Wrapping up Step 6: Move It! Let’s be practical about being more active. You can’t go from zero to sixty overnight. If you sprain an ankle, tear a tendon, or break a hip, all is for naught. Instead, approach a physical change in habits with foresight and planning. Practical Hacks for An Active Life Set goals. […]

Consider fun exercise activities to up your game

Exercise doesn't have to be boring

I hope you’ve been looking for ways to add more natural exercise to your days. Get those steps in and start to feel like a boss for upping your activity level. While you’re adding in more exercise, remember your posture. Posture affects good exercise, and good exercise affects posture. The two go hand-in-hand. There are […]

Step 3: Listen to Your Mother and Stand Up Straight!

Good stretching helps improve your posture

If you could do just one thing to look younger, what would you pay for it? Some people pay thousands of dollars to erase their wrinkles with injections or hundreds of dollars for miracle creams to rejuvenate their skin. I have one trick that won’t cost you a dime, and yet many people ignore it. […]

Lemon Essential Oil: What’s Not to Love?

The cleaning aisle is filled with lemon-scented products, from dusting to soaps.  Lemon is the rage.  Why?  Well, because lemon is great.  It rocks the cleaning world. Ever notice that lemon wedge on your glass of water at the restaurant?  It’s for more than decoration. Lemonade on a hot summer day.  Refreshing. If you don’t […]

Mid-Year Homeschool Update…Just Keep Swimming

We jumped back into school today with renewed vigor and determination.  Yeah, right.  Well, my kindergartner did, anyway.  I heard her screaming because her older sister said she was going to get her books ready.  The K-child flew into a rage demanding to go first.  Why couldn’t they all have her desire to “do school”?  […]

NOT Normal #1: Searching For Health In Alternative Places

My first NOT normal decision this year is to seek alternative medical advice and help.  I’ve had a number of health challenges over the last five years.  Some have resolved on their own, but most of them have stuck around and gotten worse.  I’ve seen doctors, had tests, had surgeries, taken this medicine and that, […]