Belgium’s Natural Beauty, French Food, and History Was A Great Start For Our Trip

My dad and I returned from our trip to Europe last Wednesday, and I jumped in with both feet to a work project which lasted through the weekend. So, I’m just now getting back on board with normal life. Or as normal as life can be around here. But before I get too far away, […]

Best Laid Plans Are Bound To Fall Apart

After visiting my great-uncle’s grave at Henri-Chappelle American Military Cemetery, we were right on track to return the car in Liege and take a train to Frankfurt, the only one without connections. In other words, we shouldn’t have had to change trains. That didn’t happen, and it was a bad sign. From what I could […]

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I’ve been busy getting ready for a trip. There’s the packing to go, the organizing for while I’m gone, and the anticipation of what I’m forgetting. In one word, stressful! But now I’m at the airport. Better known as hurry up and wait. Anything I have forgotten, I will just have to do without or […]

Helping the Least: A Family With Needs Helps With Purpose

I’m so excited to add a post in my Helping the Least series.  I haven’t done one in a while, and I feel very remiss in my efforts to spotlight groups and individuals who work under the radar assisting those in need.  Many small nonprofits grow from an individual or family’s desire to make a difference.  The desire is […]

My Curriculum Choices, Part 2

I’m finishing my overview of the subjects we teach and how I choose my curriculum.  This is part 2, so if you missed the first post, read it too. Somehow, I like Science much better as a homeschool mom/teacher than I did as a student.  I  use several different methods here.  We read from science […]

Picking Curriculum, My Way

As we enter the third week of our tenth year of homeschooling, I sometimes think about why we do what we do.  I have settled into a pretty routine choice of most of our curriculum, but only after lots of reading, agonizing, switching, and second-guessing. Every family is different.  And every child is different. But […]

How Do You Get a Big Family? One Kid At A Time.

Like lots of parents of large families, we often get comments when we’re out with all our kids, or even just a few of them. Some comments are kind or funny, some are smarmy, and some are downright rude. I don’t usually have a chance to converse with people about having a larger than average […]

One Week Behind Us and Everyone Is Still Alive

We finished our first week of homeschool today.  It was a little stop-and-go, feeling our way along…even with all the planning I did.  That’s life, and if I hadn’t done any planning, we likely would have done even less. Our challenges included half the house getting sick, my quarterly kidney stone attack,  not having all […]

Spring Clean by Eating the Freezer Leftovers

I’ve been strangely silent recently because we are preparing to move.  If you haven’t moved 7 people twice in 14 months, you’re not walking on the wild side.  Anyway, in preparation for moving, I am trying to clean out the freezers.  Yes, we have two.  The goal is to use something each day from the […]