At Least Say Wait…

Admittedly, sometimes I can’t say no. Clients call. Family needs help. But I can almost always say “wait.” Let me finish this thought, that project, or a previously promised event, then I will focus on you. I know people who think their problem is always the most important thing I could possibly have on my […]

Who and What is MomToManyGirls?

I, Georganne, am the writer of MomToManyGirls, and should you meet me in an elevator and ask me who I am and what my blog is about, I’d have to tell you this. I am a wife to one great guy. A mom to five beautiful daughters. A regular person who has thoughts, experiences, and […]

Scheduling Work and School

Originally published March 24, 2009 My life is nothing if not scheduled.  The thing about schedules, though, is that they always tend to be broken.  I know people who schedule down to the minute.  Life with a large family and numerous responsibilities requires intensive scheduling, but it just as certainly requires a lot of flexibility.  […]

Keys to Mixing Work and Homeschool

Originally published May 2010 There are several keys to mixing work and home school. At least in my experience, these are some of the ones I need in order to successfully juggle my life: my job must be family friendly, our home school must be scheduled, our curriculum needs to be low maintenance and easy […]

Welcome to MomToManyGirls!

This is the first offical post for this new site.  I’m in the process of moving my blog here from my old site,  If you’re looking for previous posts, they will be over there for a little while.  So, click over there to check it out, but don’t forget to come back!!

Real Life Homeschooling

Many people debate the definition of homeschool.  Is it school at home?  Is it school outside of a government building?  Is it school at all?  I, personally, prefer to call it lifeschool.  We learn as we live.  That learning takes place in the context of family, and we take advantage of opportunities, such as teaching […]