Chores Galore

I thought I would share some of the chores my girls do around the house.  I don’t think we qualify for large family status, but I certainly cannot keep up with all the things that need to be done around the house on my own.  I also think that parents who do not teach their children responsibility and diligence by doing chores do them a great disservice .  I see sooo many teens who try to take jobs and have no clue how to do anything.  Not only can they not perform basic tasks, they have no qualms about being late for work or just plain don’t show up, as the mood strikes them.  This doesn’t bode well for their earning potential in their years after high school.  I’d love to keep my kids home forever, but I’m certainly not supporting them into my golden years.  They are going to have to kick in for their own keep at some point.  Their training now by doing chores will make that transition to “real” work a lot easier.

SO, here we go.  Daugter1 is 9. 

  • Cleans the bathroom mirrors, counters and the outside of the toilets.
  • Vacuums the bedrooms, which are carpeted.  It’s easy for her to see what has been vacuumed and what hasn’t.  I’ve let her do the tile and wood floors, but she’s still kind of hit and miss.
  • Separates clothes from the children’s laundry basket into the master laundry baskets for washing.  My master baskets are 5 tall trash cans labeled towels, darks, lights, whites, reds. 
  • Loads the washing machine, but doesn’t start it. 
  • Moves clothes from the washer to the dryer and starts it. 
  • Removes clothes from the dryer to my bed for me to fold.  Sometimes, she folds the towels.  She does a pretty decent job, but she’s not good about telling our towels from the kids’ towels.  I want my own towels, know what I mean??
  • Puts up her clothes and helps put up other laundry as needed.
  • Cleans her room and helps with her sisters’ room.  This is still a training in progress because I find things in the oddest places when she’s in a hurry.
  • Makes her bed.
  • Sweeps the kitchen, porch and patio.
  • Takes out the recycling and compost.

Daughter2 is 6.

  • Puts up her clothes and helps put up other laundry as needed.
  • Cleans her room.  This is an even bigger training in progress because she has lots of hiding places where she stuffs everything, whether she’s in a hurry or not.
  • Dusts the baseboards.
  • Picks up clothes and puts them in the laundry basket.  Why clothes can’t go directly from their bodies to the laundry basket is one of life’s great mysteries.
  • Cleans the bottom half of windows and doors.  Have to be careful about the top half, or there may be a serious demarcation point before long.
  • Moves chairs out of the dining area for me to vacuum and mop; then moves them back.
  • Makes up her bed and her younger sister’s bed.
  • Takes out the recycling and compost.

Daughter3 is 3.

  • Puts up her clothes and helps put up other laundry as needed.  Of course, I’m happy if it just makes it to the drawer.  I’ve resigned myself to organizing her drawers every few weeks.
  • Supposed to help clean her room, but usually undoes what her sister just did just to cause great angst among the siblings.  Now, she has defined tasks.  Pick up her shoes and put them in the shoe rack.  Pick up all the books and put them on the bookshelf.  Other daughters organize the bookshelf every so often.
  • Cleans up her own messes.  We figured out she liked to spill her drinks to see her sisters clean it up.  Now, the house rule is “if you mess it, you clean it.”  Accidents happen, but clean up doesn’t magically happen.

All children must bus the table when they are done eating.  Plates and cups on the counter. 

Maybe after you see this list you wonder what I do.  Believe me.  There is still a lot to do.  Loading the dishwasher and putting up the dishes.  Cleaning the kitchen about 10 times a day.  Vacuuming all the tile and wood floors, which is about 75% of our house.  Dusting.  Cleaning the sinks, bathtubs, and inside of the toilets.  Keeping up with the laundry (about 8-10 loads a week).  There is a lot more I’m not thinking of right now, but we have a fairly tidy home.  Not superbly clean or uncluttered, but liveable most of the time.

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