Day 5: Avoid Being Buried Alive in Mail

Today is Day 5 of the 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life Challenge. If you want to jump in, go get the book at Amazon, Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life.

Lesson 5 is about more than minimalism.  It’s about security and common sense.

Magazines and newspapers crowd every open space available.
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Lorilee provides several resources to opt-out of credit card offers and telemarketing phone calls.  Everyone should do this.  EVERYONE!  And if you have an elderly parent or other relative you provide care for, make sure you take care of them, too.  Since we only have cell phones (no land lines), I am reasonably sure that most people who call me should be someone I know or do business with.  When it’s not, I do not even pretend to be polite.  I hang up.  Call me rude, but I have no patience with telemarketers or other scammers.

My aunt was duped multiple times into giving out her bank account information to telemarketers.  My poor cousin did everything she could think of to prevent it, but let’s face it these people are scum.  They don’t follow the laws, and I don’t want to even open the door to them for myself, my kids, or my dad.

Opting-out is a real no-brainer.  So, do it NOW!  I did.

Her second suggestion is to weed through subscriptions and cancel them.  I love magazines, but I stopped all my print subscriptions years ago.  There were magazines everywhere.  Under the bed and couches, in magazine racks, on counters.  Every room seemed to be overflowing with magazines and newspapers.  I flipped through them when they came in and maybe marked a few pages here and there to go back and read, but usually that was about it.  They took up space and were dust catchers.  And those marked recipes and articles?  I could never find them again.  Errr.

However, I missed reading magazines.  So before Christmas last year, I decided to get an e-reader with the money my dad gave me.  Apparently, that was a good idea because I got two e-readers as gifts.  Since my main desire was to look at magazines, I decided I’d upgrade to the Kindle Fire, which is color.  The basic e-readers are great for reading books (print is black and white no matter what), but magazines lose a lot of zing without color.  So, I traded one e-reader in for the Fire and have loved it.  It’s a middle of the road option between the plain vanilla e-readers and the fancy tablet computers.  I like bells and whistles as much as anyone, but that’s not where our budget is at right now.

My only complaint with magazines on the Fire, at least, is that you can’t bookmark pages.  Otherwise, it works fine for me.  No magazines laying around, and it’s easy to find back issues by just going down the list.

Stopping the incoming traffic goes a long way to de-cluttering your home.  Otherwise, it sometimes feels like bailing a sinking ship.  So, stop the mail now!


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