Diet Update: Week 1

For more introductory details about my diet, see Diets Get a Bad Rap.

I survived week one and did quite well.  I didn’t have many cravings and was mostly able to keep up with planning two meals, mine and everyone else’s.  I wasn’t hungry much, though I did often just want to snack.  I made a couple of mistakes in my meals and cheated a couple of times.  I’m all about transparency here.  No saint syndrome.

First, on Monday, I made stir fry.  I added chicken for everyone else and planned to just eat the vegetables.  My mistake was not thinking that the vegetables would still have the grease from the chicken.  It didn’t make me sick, but it was less than ideal.  Next time, I’ll cook the two dishes separate and combine them later.  That way, my vegetables will be unadulterated.

On Tuesday, we took a quick out of town trip to see a few friends.  For lunch, we picked up fast food for the girls.  I ordered a salad and didn’t realize until half way through it that it had parmesan cheese.  Whoops.

Wednesday, I made chicken nuggets for the rest of the family.  I didn’t have bread crumbs and used rice krispy cereal for the coating.  I had to test it, you know.  Couldn’t give the kids anything gross.  I do get chicken, but not for a few more days.   I know, a cheat is a cheat.

I did well until Mother’s Day on Sunday.  The girls were a little upset that they couldn’t fix me anything, so I called a semi-hiatus to the diet.  I ate breakfast with them, turkey sausage wraps and fruit.  I had a salad for lunch, and my dh fixed salmon, squash, and asparagus with fruit and puff pastry for dessert.  The puff pastry was a no-no, and the salmon was a few days early, but allowed.

I’m not usually a snacker, but sometimes I want something crunchy.  I’ve compromised with dry roasted, unsalted almonds.  I also tried baked kale, which is awesome.  Diet approved and definitely a keeper for post-diet.

This diet provides supplements.  Two powders to be added to shakes and a cleanse supplement.  I’m supposed to drink at least two shakes a day, and that’s a big stretch for me.  I can easily do one in the morning with fruit and spinach.  But I have not found a veggie shake that I like.  I tried a pumpkin one that was frankly gross.  Another attempt yielded a spoonable shake that didn’t do much for my texture issues.  I should probably add more water, but I haven’t brought myself to try it again.

Side effects have been minimal on this diet.  I only had one day of minor headaches.  I ached for most of last week, but that’s normal.  No worse or better than usual.  I didn’t have a lot of energy last week, though the diet pamphlet said I should.  It suggested eating more, but I really was not that hungry.  While I can force myself to eat a cookie when I’m not hungry, broccoli doesn’t have the same lure.  Starting today, I felt much less achey and stiff.  I have more energy, too.  I think starting the lean meat protein helped me, but I’m not suggesting everyone be a renegade.

This diet isn’t about weight loss, but I did lose two pounds last week.  If I only lose a few more pounds and can keep my body aches and joint pain at the current level, I will consider this diet a success.

I’ll update again next week or sooner if anything unusual happens.


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