Drawing up a ‘Bucket List’


Skydiving doesn’t make the top 100 on my bucket list.

I’m not overly fond of the term “bucket list,” as in what you want to do before you kick the bucket, i.e. die.  I wondered where that term came from, so I looked it up.  It’s not pleasant, so in the interest of staying family friendly, I won’t share.  Look it up if you’re now dying to know, no pun intended.

Anywho, I was thinking of what other things, besides ziplining, I would like to experience or accomplish in my life.  I think most people get sucked into living a rather careless or too careful life, depending on how you look at it.  I have had opportunities to do a few un-ordinary things but chose the path of least resistance, the one that wouldn’t rock the boat or take me out of my comfort zone.  I’ve mostly lived the life that was expected of me as a middle-class, educated, WASP.  It’s not that I haven’t accomplished things or been satisfied or enjoyed my life, but I haven’t generally looked for adventure.  Now, that I’m in my 40s I think I’ve (finally) grown up enough to know that taking chances is a good thing, not a sign of immaturity or rashness.  I also have a more take-charge attitude that I wouldn’t have had in my 20s.

I think that developing a bucket list, or whatever you want to call it, provides the basis of living a life that is more focused and purposeful.  I’ve said I want to simplify our lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean living in a cave and hoarding my money.  I think having a list of things I want to do or accomplish fits perfectly with simplicity.

My list reflects my age and background, to a certain extent.  I have no desire to visit all the hostels in Europe or to climb Mt. Everest.  However, I’m putting together a list of a few things that sounds pretty cool to me.  I’m going to organize them by categories: physical activities, travel, hobbies, adventures, contributions, and personal development.

I’ll share my list as I put it together.  Share yours, too.  What do you want to do?  Make it BIG!


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