FREE Ebook Offer from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures

One of the blogs I read pretty faithfully is Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures

Lynn lives in the country.  Just like us. 

Lynn homeschools.  Just like us. 

Lynn likes to cook from scratch.  Just like me. 

Lynn has food allergies.  We have some suspected allergies we are trying to pinpoint and control. 

We’re practically twins, except that she says she’s almost 6 feet tall.  That would make me Danny DeVito to her Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Not exactly a compliment for either of us.

But anyway, Lynn has a new ebook that she’s offering free to all subscribers to her site.  Kitchen Tips From My Table To Yours is a great resource for new and experienced cooks.  If you know Lynn and are a subscriber, you already have the book because she sent it to you as a thank you.  Sweet!  If you don’t know Lynn, pop on over to her site and sign up to get this FREE ebook.  Super sweet!  kitchen-tips-spine

Tell her I sent you, so she doesn’t think I’m a total dork for offering to promote her free book when I don’t even know her in real life.  What can I say?  I like ebooks.  And I like free.  Besides, her blog is full of great tips on eating healthy and within budget.  I know you’ll love her and the book.



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