Got Freedom?

I’m thankful for this country and the freedoms we enjoy, and too often take for granted.  Overall, the democratic experiment the United States embarked on 235+ years ago has been wildly successful.

We have had one government, never been invaded, and defended ourselves and our allies in wars.  Some of those allies have short memories, but they didn’t turn down the help when it was offered.

Our citizens have reasonable opportunities to advance themselves culturally, educationally, and financially. Some may disagree, but visit India or China or many parts of Africa, and you’ll see that our poorest of the poor have signficiant advantages. That’s not to say there isn’t always room for improvement, but we are still in the lead.

We can cross state lines, even move across the country, without government permission, unlike the former Soviet Republic.

We can have as many children as we want, unlike China.

We can educate our children as we please, unlike Germany.

We can be born poor, abandoned, and grow up to be successful and rich, unlike India.

Women can travel alone, attend school, and hold a job, unlike many Middle Eastern countries.

Our children can play outside and not fear being abducted, unlike Asia where small children are commodities to be sold into slavery.

We can be any race, religion, or nationality and not worry about being exterminated, unlike some countries in Africa or in the not-so-distant past of Germany.

Yes, I’d say we have freedom that most of the world doesn’t know. 


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