Health Struggles Can Be Overcome With New Habits

5 steps down toward better health; 7 steps to go

Do you wonder if the people who preach good health actually live by their words? You know. Walk the talk? Everyone has health struggles. What’s the difference between the ones who talk about it and the ones who do something about it?

I recently read a well-known blogger who admitted she was not as militantly healthy as she wrote about in her blog. That didn’t really surprise me. I appreciated her honesty. But it got me to thinking about why it’s important to me that I’m candid about what I do and why I do it and when, not if, I mess up. The steps I take on this 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey are my real steps. I’ve made these habit changes. I still practice them in real life. I do mess up, and I’ll let you know when I do.

Health struggles don't have to keep you down.See, the reason I created the 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey was to document my own health struggles and to share the habits I made that are easy to implement if you’re serious about changing your health. From here, you can do anything.

Honestly, if you can’t commit to dropping sodas and drinking 60 ounces of water a day, then you’re not going to be successful making hard changes to your lifestyle, whatever that may look like for your health challenges.

I firmly believe anyone CAN improve their health with better habits, but I’m not surprised when everyone WON’T do it. That’s the human in all of us. No judgment from me. Just make sure you’re honest with yourself about it. Don’t say your health struggles are insurmountable when you are secretly binge eating Blue Bell. Just because it’s God’s favorite ice cream doesn’t mean those empty calories won’t stick right to your thighs.

I am prone to eating chocolate. I won’t lie. I’m not perfect, and I commit to being honest with you here. I’m just as serious when I say that I really walk the talk, though.

Step 1: I drink water, not sodas. Okay, I drink coffee, too. But black. No cream and no sugar.

Step 2: I stretch to improve my flexibility. This has made so much difference in my muscle and joint pain. I won’t be taking up gymnastics, but I can touch my ankles.

Step 3: I work on my posture, even though I’ll never be Queen Elizabeth.

Step 4: I believe learning how to sleep well has had a significant effect on how I handle pain and depression.

Step 5: I juggle a lot of balls in my schedule, but I am careful about getting overloaded. I prioritize my life to focus on what’s important to me.

That’s just for starters. I’ll launch Step 6 in another week. We’re picking up speed, so expect the last half to be a bit harder than the first half. Most of these steps don’t have to be done in a particular order, but the first half builds a foundation to climb higher with the second half. So, let’s get rolling!

Talk to me. Where are you struggling? How can I help you get unstuck and moving toward better health?


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