Hey, It’s Me! Still Here!!

I didn’t mean to take so long a break from writing. I had been on a roll with the series, 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey, and I still have lots of great content coming up. But I hit a roadblock in a couple of areas, and I want to let you know where I’m stuck and see if you can help get me unstuck. This is me being real here, so be nice.

First, the rule of thumb in the blogging world is that all posts should have at least one graphic. It adds appeal and ranks higher in the search engines. Well, I don’t want just any old graphic. I want something that ties in with the article. That just makes sense. I also want quality graphics. But you know what? Good graphics cost money.

I’m blogging on the cheap here. Not making any money, though I hope to as I grow the brand. I won’t be asking for donations, of course, but where I find good deals and have products to help my readers, I’ll be passing them along.

On the Mile High marker at the Colorado State Capitol. I’m on the left. My cutesy daughter is on the right. I know it’s hard to tell us apart. What do you think? Am I middle-age mom, flabby arm, modeling material?

Anyway, graphics. That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve been stuck on rotating a few graphics through, and that just gets old. Blah! So, I’m toying with the idea of using a real life model to help demonstrate the stretching exercises I’ve been explaining. And since we’re talking about middle-age moms with flabby arms and not 20-somethings with tight abs, that considerably restricts the pool of candidates. Then, I thought, well what about me? “NOOOOO!” My inner voice screamed. “Don’t pick me!!” So, I’ve been trying to talk inner-voice-me out of the corner where she’s curled up and not making eye contact to do at least a trial run of modeling these exercises. What do you think? Would you have me as a model for exercising? Let me know in the comments. You can say, “bring it on Christie Brinkley,” or “get lost, Bride of Frankenstein.”

Second, another rule of thumb in blogging is to blog regularly. Some “experts” are all hard-core and blog daily. Like they must have someone doing the laundry and cooking the meals. Not so here. Others recommend a few times a week. But, what’s a few? Two? Five? So ambiguous. My goal is to work up to three times a week. I think that’s doable for me this summer as I work out some other scheduling kinks. Quality over quantity is my mantra. I live a real life with real craziness. Anyone who tells you they don’t either has a team of people doing everything from feeding the cat to dusting the washing machine or is delusional. Remember, I’m in cheap mode here, so no team members except my five minions that I graciously call daughters. And while I might teeter on the edge of delusional at times, I most certainly do not deny my life struggles.

Finally, I’m struggling with knowing if people are out there that are interested in this journey. Feeling like you’re talking to an empty room is pretty common to bloggers. Even bloggers with thousands of followers “say” they wonder if anyone will read their stuff or buy their products. I wonder if they really believe that since they have like thousands of followers and make money on their products, but who am I to judge other people’s unfounded fears? In my case, the fear has plenty of traction because I don’t have even tens of followers.

So, if you like my stuff, what little I’ve done so far, and think I might be worth someone’s time, could you please share my posts? Forward my emails?  Write my blog URL on a bathroom wall somewhere?

No really, if you’ll Like me on Facebook (momtomanygirls) and add your name to my mailing list (in the upper right hand corner), I’ll be eternally grateful and feel like it’s worth pressing on to bare my soul with this message.

I want to build a community that supports middle-age moms who struggle with getting their lives in order after years of being pulled in every direction. I’m looking for women who want to develop healthy habits and set an example to their children and the world that maturing physically doesn’t mean getting old. Who’s with me??


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