Step 1 to a Healthier You: How to Add Water to Your Day

How was your first week or two of adding a glass of water to your day? You probably didn’t even have to eliminate any other drink choices to add one glass of water to your day. But how to drink more water than your old beverages of choice, you ask?

How to drink more water is a good question.

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When I first started consciously drinking more water, I actually created time slots to drink. I know that sounds a little uptight, but otherwise I just didn’t think to drink much. Whereas, if I put it on my to-do list, it got done. I’m not Type-A at all.

So, to start the day, I drank an 8-oz glass first thing in the morning. I take a prescription medicine then, and I just downed a glass of water with it. The trick here is to know how much your glass holds and to keep it handy. I’m not a great thinker in the morning, so whatever it takes to keep it brain-dead simple.

Next, I added a glass before lunch. If I try to drink it with a meal, I usually didn’t drink it all. So, while I’m fixing lunch, I drink at least half the glass, then sip the rest with the meal. Sitting down helps the whole dining experience. Don’t look at me like that. Yes, you can sit down at a table and eat lunch like a civilized person. The house and kids won’t come flying apart if you’re not standing up. The kitchen floor may need more mopping, but that’s what towels are for.

Third, I added a glass of water during snack time. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee and something sweet during that regularly-scheduled afternoon droop, I threw back a glass of water. Okay, I might have still had something sweet. It was snack time, after all.

That’s three 8-oz glasses of water, for a total of 24 ounces of water that I added to my daily fluid intake. Most studies and health experts recommend around 60 ounces of water a day. Some even recommend up to a gallon a day. Let’s be real, I have better things to do than pee all day. I also think that estimate kind of depends on some extenuating circumstances. I live in Texas, and in the summer we’re better known as hell’s vacation spot. Water and lots of it are a requirement to make it through the days weeks of 100+ degrees. People in cooler climates might not need as much, but overall, I think people need more water than their thirst indicates. Considering the benefits of drinking water, I see plenty of reason to err on the side of more is better.

Of course, my 24 ounces of added water is not even half of the 60 ounces generally recommended, so my second course of action was to replace other drinks with water. I’m a Southern girl, and it’s a law that we drink tea at dinner. And though I was afeared that Boss Hog would come looking for me when I passed it up to drink water, I’m a rebel at heart (I hope you caught that Dukes of Hazard reference, or I’ll feel really old). I stopped serving tea with our meals, and replaced it with water all the way around the table. Up to 32 ounces, if you’re counting.

Next, I take some vitamins before bedtime and added a glass then. I was afraid I’d be up all night, but usually I make it until morning just fine. 40 ounces, now.

Where in the world can I stick two more glasses? Well, I just had to choke them down at odd times. I use a 20-oz water bottle, so I just fill it up in the morning. It has to be gone by the end of the day. Period. If that means, I drink it all at once in the evening, hello toilet at 2 a.m. I’ll be a little more diligent the next day.

There you go. How to drink more water in six easy steps.

What’s your trick to adding more water? Please share in the comments below.


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