Leaving On a Jet Plane

I’ve been busy getting ready for a trip. There’s the packing to go, the organizing for while I’m gone, and the anticipation of what I’m forgetting. In one word, stressful!

But now I’m at the airport. Better known as hurry up and wait. Anything I have forgotten, I will just have to do without or buy when I get to my destination. After all, I’m not going to the moon.

So now, I can take that waiting time to do a quick update.

First, let me tell you about my trip. My dad and I are going to Belgium and Germany. My dad’s uncle was killed in WWII. He is buried in Belgium. We will tour the battleground where he was likely killed and visit the American Military Cemetery in Henri Chappelle. This will be a very emotional part of the trip.

After that, we will take the train to Frankfurt and then to Nuremberg. I don’t have specific plans for these two areas, but we will just putter around. My dad was stationed near the Czech border when he was in the army. So, we may drive up there to look around.

Finally, we will take the train through the Black Forest and stay in Freiberg for a few days. This is supposed to be a beautiful area, and I hope my dad enjoys it.
This trip will be the longest time I’ve been away from my family, and I’ve really struggled with that. The trip kind of planned itself because of travel arrangements. If I added an extra day here and stayed on a certain day there, then I got a better price or easier connections. After all, it didn’t make sense to change planes 4 times or have an 8 hour layover.

Anyway, it’s my dad’s trip. The one he always wanted to take but never did. My mom loved to travel but wasn’t keen on going overseas. So, I’m taking her place as a traveling companion on what might be the last big trip for my dad. It will be a unique experience.

I’ve only been abroad once, so I’m not exactly Rick Steves. However, I think I have the basics covered. My dad isn’t exactly Phileas Fogg, either (Around the World in 80 Days).  So, I expect I’ll have some downtime along the way. I think we will both have a good time.

So, stay tuned for our exploits. I’m not known for my calm and laid-back style, after all.


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