Monthly Chore Wrap-Up

Finally, I have a monthly chore list. It’s a mini-spring cleaning type list. Whereas my spring cleaning ritual, which also happens in the fall, includes changing seasonal and outgrown clothes and cleaning out closets, my monthly cleaning serves to maintain my semi-annual deep cleaning efforts. I have learned that a little cleaning as I go beats the socks off shoveling and scraping and scrubbing a few times a year.

For example, our van looks like someone lives in it most of the time. One of our weekly chores is to clean it out, but then it still has handprints, tracked in grass and mud, spilled milk, and all the other lovely reminders of kids. So, once a month my two older children vacuum the seats and floor, clean the windows, and ArmorAll the dashboard. It’s doesn’t compare to a detailed cleaning (where you get the spiffy smelling thing under the seat), but it is presentable for a day or two.

Another chore I used to only do when my mother was visiting is vacuum the couches. We find all kinds of lost things. Remote controls. Brushes. Headless dolls. It’s like an archeological dig! Our couches are, shall we say, well used. And vacuuming them does not make a huge aesthetic difference, but it does help with clutter control, which is a whole other subject.

I have a friend with tall teenage sons. She reaps the benefit of their height by having them clean the ceiling fans monthly. Not only do I not have tall sons, but I’m rather vertically challenged, myself. I have to settle for ceiling fans that are less clean. Besides, mine rattle for a while after a good dusting, so I’m convinced the dust actually balances the blades. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Now, that wraps up chore month. You need to read Austin Faith and Family to see the next theme, and then come visit me for more tips!

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