Move Accomplished

It took us four weeks and practically a nervous breakdown, but we have moved seven people from a 1,700 square foot house to a 1,300 square foot apartment and one storage unit.  Along the way, we had a garage sale, several give-aways, and other forms of purging to reduce the amount of stuff we owned, and thus had to move.  It was a traumatic, stressful, and freeing process, all at the same time.  I don’t look forward to doing it again anytime soon, but we will likely repeat the process in 12 months.  Where we will go then is unknown at this time.

It still looks like we have a lot of stuff, especially with the storage unit, but most of what we kept there were sentimental things, like some of  my parents’ stuff, and a few larger pieces of furniture that we didn’t have room for in the apartment but didn’t see the point in selling since we will most likely use it in the future, such as an antique armoire, and a gas dryer.  We are borrowing an electric dryer for our apartment.  I can’t tell you how important a dryer is to a family of seven in the winter in an apartment where you can’t hang clothes out to dry.  Dirty clothes multiply in the laundry baskets, and we were literally overtaken by the avalanche of clothes.

So, what’s next?  We chose temporary housing for the year to plan our next step.  We have several desires and first want to consider and pray about those options.  Moving into a smaller space also forced the purge previously mentioned, which was one of our goals.  I vaguely remember what it was like to live with less, and it wasn’t so bad.  Much of what we purged was my stuff.  Things I used to fill a spot in my home or my life.  I have five children now, and the things just got in the way of what really matters.  As long as I had a place for those things, I was not motivated to truely change my pack-rat habits.

Follow me as we figure this out over the next few months.  We will be considering:

  • finances and budgets,
  • employment and business opportunities,
  • needs and wants,
  • making new habits and changing old ones, and
  • priorities.

God only knows where we will end up.

Share your journey to a different lifestyle and any tips you might have for our trip.


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