One Week Behind Us and Everyone Is Still Alive

We finished our first week of homeschool today.  It was a little stop-and-go, feeling our way along…even with all the planning I did.  That’s life, and if I hadn’t done any planning, we likely would have done even less.

Our challenges included half the house getting sick, my quarterly kidney stone attack,  not having all the supplies we thought we had (I hate it when stuff walks off by itself), and two doctor appointments.  But we finished all our planned projects for the week.  Now, just 35 weeks left, give or take a few.  If we really finished in 36 weeks, it would be a first.

Here are a few pictures of our week activities.

Ready to start the first day of school!
Ready to start the first day of school!

kool aid playdough

We made Kool Aid Playdough from this recipe at Lovin’ Our Chaos…we loved the playdough.

playdough snowman

Olivia made a playdough snowman. At least he won’t melt in the 100+ degree heat we lovingly call summer.

playdough worm

Amelia made a pink worm. I like the eyes. Quite creative for a 3 year old.
playdough tea cup
Emma made a teacup and could not understand why she couldn’t drink her milk out of it. Oh what a mess that would have been.

photo (13)

The end of our first day of school. Okay, okay. Only Amelia is really asleep. The rest are pretending.

In summary, we finished the first week of school. Getting started is always the hardest step to take. After that, it’s just one day at a time. Do the next thang. Plug along. You get my drift.


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3 thoughts on “One Week Behind Us and Everyone Is Still Alive

    • It was easy enough that the girls could do a lot of it. Our only problem is we couldn’t find a good green. I mistakenly picked up strawberry kiwi in a green package. It was not green Kool Aid. Back to the store to find something else.