My Definition of Homeschool Leans Toward The ‘Life Is School’ Philosophy

Learning happens in everyday life

Many people debate the definition of homeschool.  Is it school at home?  Is it school outside of a government building?  Is it school at all? I, personally, prefer to call it lifeschool.  We learn as we live.  That learning takes place in the context of family, and we take advantage of opportunities, such as teaching […]

Consider fun exercise activities to up your game

Exercise doesn't have to be boring

I hope you’ve been looking for ways to add more natural exercise to your days. Get those steps in and start to feel like a boss for upping your activity level. While you’re adding in more exercise, remember your posture. Posture affects good exercise, and good exercise affects posture. The two go hand-in-hand. There are […]

Building Character in Children Should Be A Parent’s Priority

11 reasons why building character is important

Character. What does it mean? Well, it’s hard to say. I looked at five different dictionary sources and none of them had an exact definition for character beyond the personal traits that make up someone. Wishy-washy. So, I’m going to give a go on defining character. Character is the moral traits a person should exhibit to […]

Step 6: Standing To Work Benefits More Than Your Health

Standing desks boost productivity and reduce sedentary habits

If there’s one thing we all wish we had more of, it’s energy. Ever watch a three-year-old make laps around every piece of furniture in the house and wonder where they get that energy? And how to bottle it and sell it? I don’t know where they get the energy, either. Makes me tired watching […]

Bad Homeschool Days Are Inevitable

25 ways to survive them

As we start another year of homeschooling, let’s talk about real life. There are going to be bad homeschool days, sooner rather than later, where you wonder what in the world is going on and why you ever thought this was a good idea. Anyway you dice it, raising kids, in general, and homeschooling them, in […]

The Simple Pedometer Goes High Tech

Fitness trackers offer something for every level

Pedometers have gone high tech in the last ten years. They are a great way to track your activity level, but some can monitor everything from your heart rate to your sleep patterns and report it to a central fitness app, usually loaded on a smart phone, to continuously track your health goals. They range in price from […]

Step 6: Walk Your Way To More Energy

A walk a day might keep the doctor away

When most people think of exercise, they think they have to join a gym or take a class. But every movement in our day is a form of exercise. So, to begin a habit of moving more is, itself, exercise. In our Step 6, we’re looking at ways to begin moving more, which will then […]

The Secret to Homeschooling Success

As a 13-year homeschooling veteran, I have one secret

Today is Day 1 of Homeschool 2017 at our house. My thirteenth year of homeschooling. I’ve graduated one child, and have four more to go. You won’t hear me brag about any of mine being geniuses. But so far, everyone can read, write complete sentences, and do basic math. They have some general idea of […]

Step 6: Simple Exercise Moves Your Health Goals Along

Walking is a good place to start

We’ve built five healthy habits in the last few months for our 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey. If you’re still practicing them, keep up the good work. If you’re struggling or have stumbled on a few, keep trying. Every day is a great opportunity to make a new start. Now, let’s talk about […]

Life’s Manure Fertilizes Your Faith

Challenges aren't dead ends

Who started the rumor that God called Christians to a life of leisure, ease, and abundance? When and why did we start thinking that if it’s too hard it must not be God? Au contrare. We’re supposed to get muddy and beat up. If we’re not, then what in the world was Paul the Apostle […]