Raw Milk. Gross or White Gold?

My raw milk post got several replies. Some good. Some bad. I understand the trepidation in being different, as well as the relative ignorance in how big food manufacturers, along with the FDA, are seeking to control and adulterate our food chain. It’s going to be hard to make a profit in a few decades when they’ve killed off all their consumers.

Raw milk is really just the tip of the iceberg here. But it’s where I started, so maybe it can be where you start, too. I don’t consider raw milk the only wonder food, though we have personally experienced some excellent health benefits from it. I’ve heard tales of people who have recovered from illnesses nearly miraculously after switching to raw milk, but cannot speak directly to their authenticity. I do know that God made cows, duh. The human race has drank milk from cows (and other milk-producing mammals) for a few thousand years. So, my conclusion is that consuming foods as close to their natural state is preferable to having all of it freeze-dried, powdered, heated, stripped, sprayed with contaminants, and supposedly fortified, but with strange ingredients.

Following is a great image highlighting the differences between raw and pasteurized. The image is used with permission and is credited to http://www.naturalnews.com/035130_raw_milk_infographic_pasteurized.html

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3 thoughts on “Raw Milk. Gross or White Gold?

  1. Wow, didn’t mean to make you go to so much work to prove your point. It was really just a joke. Unless I have a cup of hot chocolate I don’t really drink that much milk. I do wonder how this would have impacted dairy farmers like grandaddy though. He couldn’t have survived selling it by the gallon. So the impact isn’t just on the big food companies, it’s also on the farmers that provide the goods. And I wouldn’t say I have ever had any trepidation at being different. I certainly don’t eat what I eat because everyone else is eating it, but I do think that sometimes people go a little overboard looking for problems with what people eat. Every time I turn around something else is supposed to be bad for you. Everyone is trying to eat healthy but no one really knows what that means.

  2. Hi Georgeanne – I drink raw milk and my whole family LOVES it. It is from Jersey cows and is so rich and creamy and the second I take a sip of it I can feel the goodness just spreading throughout my body. I’ve seen many health benefits from it and am very thankful that I can buy it in my local grocery store.