Resolution Monday: Lose Stuff

My first resolution this year will be to lose some stuff. My walk-in closet is a joke because you can barely open the door for all the stuff in there, but I have a dream. A dream to see the floor and easily find what I’m looking for. As it stands now, I am afraid to send a child in there lest I never see her again.

I admire women who dress nice in public. I’m not talking pearls and heels, but just “put together.” I don’t know that I’ll ever make it that far, but I want to do better. No sweats. No unmatched pants and tops. Fewer bland t-shirts. I want to look like I planned to be in public, not like I escaped a burning building.

So, this past week, I weeded out my closet. I stuffed a large trash bag of old clothes, or at least clothes that either didn’t fit or hadn’t been worn in the last few months. I resolve to only buy/keep clothes that I: a.) like, b.) fit well, and c.) actually match another article of clothing.

What do you want to lose this year?


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2 thoughts on “Resolution Monday: Lose Stuff

  1. Great Post! I also want to lose “stuff” this year. I have too must stuff and it’s weighing me down. I’m repainting my living room right now so since I had to remove all the books and knickknacks, it’s the perfect opportunity to weed out the un-necessary. I also look forward to put back a leaner version! I’m never going to have an uncluttered, magazine-worthy house but a little less overwhelm would be great!