Splurge on You with Discount Gift Cards

When you’re a mom, splurges can sometimes be few and far between. By the time you buy diapers, replace ripped jeans, fill in seasonal clothing for the child who doesn’t have hand-me-downs because she was the only one not born in the winter, and plan enough snacks to feed a third-world country, there isn’t usually too much left to spend on yourself. While there might not be much money left over, it doesn’t mean a mom doesn’t need a little pick-me-up.

Sales are a mom’s best friend. Hands down. Sale signs are like love notes from heaven.

Two for one? Be still my beating heart.

Half price? Come hither, my love.

Now, I have a new deal for you. Discounted gift cards!

Raise.com offers discounted gift cards to brands such as Target, The Home Depot, and Macy’s. With free shipping on all gift cards, it’s a dream come true.


Some may dis gift cards as unromantic and impersonal, but I beg to differ. You mean I get money to spend on what I want? No returns for wrong sizes or bad taste? Score with a capital S!!

Let’s look at how this works. A $100 Starbucks gift card can be mine for $81.74, an 18% savings. Think of all the Chai Tea Lattes and Cappuccinos I could buy. Think of all the work I could get done on that caffeine-induced energy!

Okay, let’s be more practical. As any aging maturing mother of multiple children knows, your body ain’t what it used to be. I have had at least five distinct wardrobes in the last 16 years:

  • Pre-pregnancy, which I stand no chance of ever wearing again;
  • Pregnancy winter, which is fairly sparse since pregnant women rarely get cold;
  • Pregnancy summer, which constitutes the largest part of my wardrobe and doubles as post-partum wear;
  • Post-partum winter, which involves lots of layered clothing in Texas because of our wildly swinging temperatures within five hour periods (25 degrees at 7 a.m. and 72 degrees by noon);
  • Post-partum summer, which must be loose and cool to accommodate our 100+ degree summer days.

Now, that my youngest is four and I am aging maturing past the season of childbearing, I probably no longer need the pregnancy portions of my wardrobe. My closet will be happy. On the other hand, that means my post-partum wardrobes should be updated with clothes of more lasting value. That also means they can no longer qualify as post-partum. This is my new fashion season. Sad and exciting at the same time.

Cue discount gift cards. JCPenney is one of my favorite department stores, and I can get up to a 21% discount from the face value of a JCPenney at Raise.com.  Whoopee!

But that’s not all. What if someone gives you the gift card of their dreams, but not yours? Raise.com enables you to sell gift cards from any brand or restaurant to get cash back. Turn that cash around and buy the gift card you really want!

Really, you can’t go wrong with this setup. Buy what you want at a discount. Sell what you don’t want for cash. Check it out for yourself. Raise.com

Let me know if you get something and what you buy with it.


P.S. This is a voluntary post solicited by Raise.com, but the opinion is mine. I do not get any financial compensation for my review or your purchases.

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