Spring Clean by Eating the Freezer Leftovers

I’ve been strangely silent recently because we are preparing to move.  If you haven’t moved 7 people twice in 14 months, you’re not walking on the wild side. 

A freezer ingredient pie.  Only the brave take the first bite.

A freezer ingredient pie. Only the brave take the first bite.

Anyway, in preparation for moving, I am trying to clean out the freezers.  Yes, we have two.  The goal is to use something each day from the freezer.  Today, I used a pie crust, orange juice and what I thought was key lime juice  for a key lime pie.  Turns out the key lime juice was egg whites, so I made a rather bland custard pie.  I’m going to have to start labeling frozen food.  I also ate an English muffin and a sausage patty for breakfast.  And I’m working diligently on drinking all our coffee samples.  It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

There is a lot more food in those freezers.  Some of it unrecognizable. Some of it looking strangely similar, ala the egg white/key lime juice twins.   I’m putting freezer tape and Sharpies on my Wal-Mart shopping list right now. 

This is a real life, down and dirty, practical simplifying exercise.  How about you?  What do you need to clean out of your freezer?  Join me in eating up the excess.  It’s a lesson in good stewardship and creative cuisine.


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