Step Back to Our Water Habit

Water infusions create summer treats

It never hurts to revisit a habit and make sure we’re keeping up with it like we should. Let’s jump back to Step 1 of the 12 Steps to a Healthier You. We added water to our daily drink regimen and dropped at least one sugary or caffeinated drink.

I can remember when I first started drinking water, I found it bland. Boring. No fizz. No sparkle. No taste. If most people are honest, this is the very reason they drink sugary drinks. The taste.

But you can have tasty water without adding anything that neutralizes the health benefits. In fact, you can make the water very tasty by infusing it with fruits and herbs.

Lemon Mint.

Cherry Lime(ade).

Apple Ginger.

Anything goes!

Water infusion pitchers make the process so simple. Fill the insert with cut up fruit and herbs. Let the concoction sit overnight in the refrigerator, and in the morning you have a refreshing drink for the day. This is especially exciting for summer when your body needs more water to fight dehydration. I recommend using organic fruit or at least washing fruit very well before adding it to your water.

This website, ( has lots of recipes for infusing water. This could become an obsession.

I have often made a mint water infusion for my husband when he’s working outside during a hot day.

Mint helps the body feel cool, not to mention it aids digestion and improves memory. Mint is the favorite herb around our house.

A water infusion pitcher makes pouring and cleanup easy.

So, just in time for summer, invest in a water infusion pitcher and let your water imagination run wild!

Following are some popular water infusion pitchers on Amazon. If you buy from my link, I will make a small (very small) commission, but that will not increase the price of your purchase. I’d appreciate your help supporting the blog.

Water infusion pitcher that's easy to fill and pour.I like this 33 oz. water infusion pitcher with a stainless steel lid. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The pitcher, itself, is glass and fits conveniently in the refrigerator door.

Water infusion pitcher that fits easy in the fridge door.This 50 oz. water infusion pitcher holds almost all the water you need for the day (recommended daily intake is 60 oz.). So, you wouldn’t have to refill and wait for another infusion. The lid is plastic (BPA and Pthalate free).

Water infusion pitcher for a crowd or big family.This 3 liter water infusion pitcher (101 oz.) pitcher is plastic (BPA free). It is perfect for parties or just big families, like mine. You don’t have to remove the lid to pour. Bonus!

Remember, as you add more healthy habits, don’t slack off on the ones you’ve already started. We’re taking it baby steps at a time so that we can master each step. You’re going to love drinking infused water this summer, and it will make all the difference in how you feel on hot days.

Be sure and let me know in the comments what recipes you try.


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