Summer Vacation: Family Reunion, Sightseeing, Celebrity Stalking

We recently took a trip to see family.  In true redneck fashion, we made use of what is available to have a good time. 


You don’t have to watch your step with these horses.  They might buck you off, if you don’t hang on, though.


How many kids can fit into a toddler wading pool?  We had at least six, and there was still room to spare. 


Who needs a playscape when you got trees?  Throw a rope over a branch, tie it to a seat, and ya got yourself a swing. 


And what’s a redneck family reunion without a four-wheeler?  Keep it between the trees, girls.

On our way, we stopped at the Vicksburg Civil War Park.  It never hurts to squeeze in a little educational sightseeing along the way. 


Good thing it’s not loaded.


The monuments are, well, monumental.


Texting a detailed overview of the fascinating details of the USS Cairo, I’m sure.


And why not round out the trip with a little redneck gawking.

Duck Dynasty

photo (14)

That’s the highlights of our vacation.  What did you do this summer?


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