Testing My Resolution to Do Less

I expounded on my resolution to do less this year instead of more, but I have met my first resistance. The decision to re-up for another year of homeschool co-op looms on our horizon.  I thought I had a pretty good case to not return when I examined a few realistic facts.

Fact #1: Expenses

It costs us about $15 per trip to co-op. Gas ain’t cheap, people.

Fact #2: Inconvenience

The co-op we have been members of for five years is an hour away. We have to leave the house by 7:30 to get there on time. We get out of classes at 12:30. Then, we eat lunch, run a few errands, and drive an hour home. To say we are tired at the end of that day is an understatement.

Fact #3: Credits

Now that I have a high schooler, I consider what translates into credits for graduation or at least contributes to usefulness in some other way. This year has not helped us much, mostly because of said high schooler’s choice to coast through a class, leaving her short a credit I had hoped to use this year. I could fudge her participation since technically she hasn’t missed any classes, but my standard for a credit is higher than that. Woe to her.

Pinning the Beard on the Redneck is a legitimate game found nowhere else by in my highly esteemed co-op class.

Pinning the Beard on the Redneck is a legitimate game found nowhere else by in my highly esteemed co-op class.

However, my resolve is being sorely tested by other factors of less measurability, but nonetheless importance to me/us.

Factor #1: Friends

Five years in the trenches with 50 or so other homeschooling families builds some pretty good friendships. My girls have friends. I have friends. Never discount the importance of friends.

Factor #2: Credits

The class schedule at our co-op changes each year based on who wants to teach what. The proposed schedule for next year is a good one. Probably the best one we have had in five years. My high schooler can take a study skills class, which she sorely needs, and a geography class for credit. I won’t make the mistake of letting her coast again. The work will get done, mark my word. My junior high student can take a writing class (IEW), Texas history, and an art class. She’s my budding artist, so I never discount the importance of an art class in her lineup. She’s also my reluctant writer, so a good writing class is always a good thing.

Factor #3: Desire

We like our co-op. We like the people. We like the day of the week it meets. We like just about everything about it except the distance. We knew that would be a challenge when we moved. We thought we would be able to transition to something closer to home, but that hasn’t happened. I’m not sure we want to give up this co-op when we still have the ability to go there, regardless of the inconvenience.

Of course, I’m not really adding anything new. I’ll help teach a few classes, but I won’t be head teacher like I did for two classes this year. We hope to have a newer vehicle by next year, which might make the drive more comfortable/less expensive, but we don’t know that for sure. That’s the problem with decisions. We don’t really know how life will change to make a good decision bad or a bad decision good. This is one of those times when you just wish God used a blinking neon sign to tell you what to do.

What about you?? Got any hard decisions to make?


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