Step 5: Use Your Me-Time To Define You

Choose the inner person you want to be

Me-time. The buzz word of the mom community. It sounds so affirming, but taken to the extreme, it is mostly self-centered. That’s not to say moms don’t need some time on their own to relax and recharge. We do. But lets be clear about what healthy relaxing and recharging means. When we had babies and toddlers, it meant getting a shower every day or going grocery shopping alone. With older children, we might have a little more freedom to go to the bathroom alone, but we still don’t get to do our “own thing” as much as we’d like. Of course, what your “own thing” is might be a matter of interpretation for different women.

Me-time should be spent developing the inside to improve the outside.

My me-time in Utah meant stepping out of my comfort zone to zip-line down the side of a mountain. Pretty exciting stuff!

When we’re talking about healthy habits, me-time isn’t quantified by how much spa time we get. Mani-pedis aren’t what I’m talking about here. Quality me-time needs to be about the choices we make to support our health – mental and physical. Like going to bed on time. Or scheduling a physical activity, like a walk or a swim. How about reading an interesting book? Then, there’s quiet time for prayer and reflection. Now that’s real me-time because you’re developing the inner-me to stand tall against the influences that seek to distract you from your goals and to destroy your relationships.

We talked about overload last time and how too much noise around us rushes us through life. Like all of our healthy habits, consider the choices you make and how they affect the bigger picture of your life.

Facebook time or a face-to-face coffee date with a real life friend?

Sleeping late or relishing the early morning quiet to meditate and pray?

Watching Desperate Housewives or watching the sunset?

Drive-thru fast food or a simple meal at the dinner table with the family? Yeah, that’s me-time, too, because it’s developing relationships with the people most important to you.

Use your me-time to make a meaningful difference in who you are. Don’t waste your me-time on things that add no value to who you are. A mani-pedi isn’t a bad thing, but it only shows on the outside and just for a week or so. What’s cultivated on the inside lights a glow that outshines makeup and nail polish.

Like all of our habits in the 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey, spend some time each day practicing how to use your me-time for developing a healthier you and not a self-centered you.

This week’s challenge: Spend 15 minutes of your me-time each day doing something that quiets your spirit and calms your soul. Tell me about it in the comments.


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