Water Bottles Simplify Daily Goals

Three options for stylish and durable water bottles

Now that it’s truly summer with 100+ degree days, at least in Texas, it’s time to get serious about drinking more water. I realized recently that while I’ve been able to reduce my joint pain quite a bit, I still struggle with a fair amount of muscle weakness and pain. Then, I happened to wonder how much water I was drinking. Not just with meals or to take vitamins and medicine, but real water hydration. It’s hard to keep up with if you’re not using something to measure your water every time you pour a glass. And who has time for that kind of nonsense?

Instead, think about the containers you’re using to hold your water. I have a stash of water bottles, all of which hold 20-24 ounces. It’s sooo much easier to know that I have to drink 3-4 of those than remembering how many times I’ve sipped from a glass.

You’ve probably heard the debate about using plastic, especially when it is exposed to heat. Plastic is certainly convenient, but considering how much water I have to drink from a container and how often that container is left in a hot car, I have opted for glass or stainless steel. These containers can be a bit pricier, but they are worth the extra effort and money.

Glass is not as fragile as you might think. Glass water bottles are usually wrapped in a silicone sleeve to protect them from odd bumps and drops. I have 7 or 8 glass water bottles and have never broken one. One of my daughters dropped hers down the stairs at church. The plastic top broke, but not the water bottle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a replacement top for that bottle, so it was demoted to home use.

To avoid this again, I now buy Lifefactory bottles. You can order the tops separate from the lid. Which is good because my husband’s lid split (after 3 years of daily use). I’ll just order the lid replacement, and his bottle will probably last many more years.

These bottles come in many different colors and sizes. I buy seven different colors so there’s never any confusion about who’s bottle is which when we’re all together. Oh, the battles over who drank someone’s water! People! It’s just water!!

Several different lid options are also available. Everybody has a personal preference.

This flip-straw  is convenient and spill proof.

My husband prefers the flip cap, though. This is the one that split, but again, he’s had it for three years and uses it every day.

If you really think glass will never survive your lifestyle or that of your children, then stainless steel is a wonderful option. As a bonus, if you’re into prepping, stainless steel is recommended because you could, in an emergency, boil water in one. I’m not promising a stainless steel water bottle would save you from the zombie apocalypse, but it’s worth considering.

I don’t have this particular brand, but next time I’m replacing one or adding to my water bottle stash, I’m going to give this one a whirl. It comes with two lids, which is a plus. The Geysa is double-walled, so your beverage stays hot or cold, as the case may be.



Or, if you prefer a lid that is easier to use with one hand, this push button top looks convenient. I think my husband might like it, too. Don’t tell him. Christmas is coming sooner than we think.

Each of these water bottles hold about 20 ounces. Drink three of these a day, and you’re all set for your daily water goal. No worries about dehydration and no keeping up with endless glasses of water. Easy peasy.

If you have a favorite water bottle, post a link in the comments. I might be a water bottle junkie, but when you have so many people in one small space, you have to have ten to have a chance at finding one.



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