Can You Work AND Homeschool? I Do

It’s tough getting by on one income. Like tight with a capital T. I quit working full time when I was pregnant with my second child, the week after I finished my MBA. Great timing? We thought we were in pretty good shape. No debt, except the mortgage. A little savings. A budget. Boy, were […]

Need Help With Eating Real Food? Try These Helpful E-Books.

I love books. Almost any kind of book. Fiction. Non-fiction. Biography. Historical. Classical. Mystery. Most self-improvement (there are some wackos out there, though). Funny. Adventurous. Even cookbooks. Especially cookbooks. Nothing will replace the feel and smell of a real hardbound novel, but I like electronic cookbooks. It seems so much more efficient to search and bookmark […]

Need to Make a BIG Change? Just Do One Small Thing First

Anytime I’m looking at making a change in an area, such as healthy habits or decluttering or self-sufficiency, I often find myself spiraling down into an anxiety attack as I try to do too much at once. I know how bad white flour and white sugar and preservatives and food colorings and high fructose corn […]

Need to Make Healthy Changes? Look For a Hero to Cheer You On

Until about five years ago, I had few significant health issues. I was pretty average in terms of how I ate, how much I exercised, how much I weighed, and how I felt. I was well enough to live an average life. Like a frog in boiling water, my health decline was so gradual that […]

Splurge on You with Discount Gift Cards

When you’re a mom, splurges can sometimes be few and far between. By the time you buy diapers, replace ripped jeans, fill in seasonal clothing for the child who doesn’t have hand-me-downs because she was the only one not born in the winter, and plan enough snacks to feed a third-world country, there isn’t usually […]

Testing My Resolution to Do Less

I expounded on my resolution to do less this year instead of more, but I have met my first resistance. The decision to re-up for another year of homeschool co-op looms on our horizon.  I thought I had a pretty good case to not return when I examined a few realistic facts. Fact #1: Expenses […]

When Pinterest Goes Wrong, You’re Not A Loser

Has anyone ever wondered about the people who pin perfectly decorated cupcakes, amazingly delicious cookies, totally cute craft projects, or ingenious DIY renovations? Are they really people or alien life forms sent to make us normal humans look like total losers? You think I jest, but have you ever really come close to copying one […]

Income Idea: Sell Outgrown Clothing and Toys

Most moms are always looking for a way to help generate a little extra money, if it’s only to be able to finance another purchase.  An odd job here or there stretches the budget.  One project I have done off and on for several years is sell our outgrown clothes and toys.  There are several options […]

Lemon Essential Oil: What’s Not to Love?

The cleaning aisle is filled with lemon-scented products, from dusting to soaps.  Lemon is the rage.  Why?  Well, because lemon is great.  It rocks the cleaning world. Ever notice that lemon wedge on your glass of water at the restaurant?  It’s for more than decoration. Lemonade on a hot summer day.  Refreshing. If you don’t […]

A Glass A Day Could Keep All Kinds of Things Away

If you could do one thing to drastically improve your health, how much money would you pay for it?  Some people pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to follow the latest diet trend.  They buy some exotic fruit or a special kitchen appliance or take a handful of pills three times a day.  There […]